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Jobs 4 Carbon” – Spekboom Project

Photo: Hans van der Veen

Photo: Hans van der Veen

“Jobs for Carbon: Developing carbon farming in the Klein Karoo”– a flagship initiative which combines job creation with conservation. Carbon farming involves the re-establishment of badly degraded spekboom veld through planting spekboom cuttings, allowing the plants to grow a natural canopy, and then leaving the land undisturbed and free from grazing pressures for many years. Spekboom has a natural capacity to store large amounts of carbon, and this enables the generation of income through the sale of carbon credits in national or international markets. This programme offers many benefits: new jobs created in poor rural communities, new income streams from the sale of carbon credits, restored natural environment attracting more tourism, improved rainwater infiltration etc.

Latest news…

“Cutting Carbon” – Tisha Steyn & Hans van der Veen (South; Spring 2015)

Previous news…

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War on Leaks” project

The “War on Leaks” project seeks to reduce preventable water losses and waste resulting from leaky taps in township households around Oudtshoorn. It also raises awareness at household level about the connection between water stress and climate change. A strong partnership is in place between the GCBR, CapeNature and Oudtshoorn Municipality. Local youth have been trained to conduct an audit of the water points and leaks. To date a total of 212 households’ leaky taps, toilets and broken pipes have been repaired. Water meters are read during visits to houses and a subsequent audit is done to ascertain whether water usage and water bills have decreased and the fixed leaks are still fixed. Three workshops have taken place, attended by 120 people to raise awareness regarding the importance of water conservation. This work will now continue at the Ou lokasie ward 7 with funding from a new Table Mountain Fund grant.

 “Enabling Community Climate Change Action” project

Wonderbags Zoar and Vanwyksdorp 3“Enabling Community Climate Change Action” – this project develops skills and empowers women’s groups in the Klein Karoo to make wonder bags and, through a series of interactive workshops, capacitates community groups to understand climate change and the mitigation impact of the use of wonder bags.



 “Veld condition monitoring for game farms” project

“Veld condition monitoring for game farms” – this initiative developed a basic methods protocol to assess impact of game on the veld (especially extra-limital), and prepared a draft game farm monitoring manual. The proposed methods are being used on several game farms where monitoring plots have been set out.


 “Community conservation actions” project

Sunstove Project

Sunstove Project

Various grassroots initiatives in the wider Oudtshoorn area, mobilising over 100 community volunteers in community clean-up campaigns, tree planting, promotion of sunstoves, etc.

“Erosion control and Veld rehabilitation” project

Erosion gulley (photo: A Vlok)

Erosion gulley (photo: A Vlok)

Ecological rehabilitation is a great deal more than a technical management challenge. Working on rehabilitation projects is a way in which we can establish a balanced and healthy ethical relationship with our natural environment. Working with our hands in the soil literally brings us “back to earth”. If properly done, rehabilitation projects heal more than the scars of man’s careless actions, it also inspires people to care more for their natural environment.

This pamphlet tells you how to go about it…

Erosion control & veld rehabilitation” pamphlet by Ken Coetzee & Wallie Stroebel

Vanwyksdorp School Camp

Vanwyksdorp School Camp participants (Photo: M Vaccaro)

Vanwyksdorp School Camp participants (Photo: M Vaccaro)

Landmark Foundation was invited to participate in an education program with Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR) on the Jobs for Carbon Project currently running in the Rooiberg region. Vanwyksdorp Primary is a rural school in this small town of Little Karoo. The group we are currently working with consists of about 27 learners from grade 6-7.

This collaborative partnership forms part of Landmark Foundation’s Green Projects, which aims to establish “Green Clubs” at schools. The establishment of these clubs will form an important part of changing communities and their attitude toward the environment, working with a small group of learners within a school will grow and expand outward into the community and into the environment.

Landmark’s role is to guide the education process so that maximum effect is achieved with minimal impact and resource wastage. Read the full report compiled by Monica Vaccaro (Landmark Foundation) and Annemarie Gebhardt (GCBR) ….

Vanwyksdorp School Camp Report – May 2015 

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