Group Photo 2014

Eco Schools Celebration of 2013 and Flag Ceremony 2014

Thank you again for a wonderful celebration yesterday and my congratulations to all our Eco Schools. It is wonderful to see how sustainable the schools have been, for many their EIGHTH successful and consecutive years. The results as follows: De Waalville – Second Platinum Award
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Outramps 2014

Thirty-two degrees and rising

  Global warming is a reality. I don’t ever recall a January that was as humid and hot as this one.  But at my advanced age, I’ve probably forgotten a couple. Spring is usually the time when I feel as if I’ve bitten off “more than I can chew”.  It would seem that Spring has come
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Roll on 2014

  Three Cheers!  We’re celebrating.  The indomitable Buchu Bus huffed and puffed its way up to the top of the Swartberg Pass without exploding.  That must be a good omen for 2014. Our 6 week break is over and I look back on a very busy festive season.  It was all great fun, but n
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It’s a Toss-Up – CREW Update

It’ a toss-up, which is the more exciting – life with Bill or life with the Buchu Bus.  Combined, they make for a very interesting existence.  But on this occasion, the combination was the Drifter and Bill. We travelled to the Gouritz Biosphere  meeting in van Wyksdorp on Tuesday.  We
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The 2013 Vanwyksdorp Christmas Party Another Hit!

The Vanwyksdorp Christmas Party is an annual event which is organised by Hanna Coetzee for the children of the Vanwyksdorp primary School where a day of water slides, jumping castles, food and cakes, presents and a visit from Santa Claus provides the chldren with an exciting fun-fille
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Eden District Win Greenest Municipality 2013

  The Greenest Municipality Competition (GMC) aims to promote improved service delivery that restores community pride and commitment in caring for the living environment. It also focuses on improved integrated sustainable development strategies in municipalities. There is an energy of
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Where was the Champagne?

We cooked on Tuesday, froze on Wednesday and had something like reasonable weather on Thursday and Friday.  All this pales into insignificance when we look back on a field trip to the Langeberg, which was 100% successful. The Outramps “HAT” ( High Altitude Team) covered themselves wit
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Palystes (Rain Spider)


Another thread in the “Rich Tapestry Of Life”.  This is a saying that covers both the good and the bad.  It was a week of ups and downs that had us hurtling between the depths and the heights. It all started off very well.  We left George at 7am, en route to Sally Adams farm off the R
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Mission Accomplished

A couple of weeks ago, Prof Charles Stirton asked us to look for an Otholobium that was first seen by Jan Vlok in the Fouriesberg area in the northern Outeniquas. His request was prompted by Nick Helme, who said, “The Outramps love a challenge”. Well we do, but this was quite a tall o
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