Andre Britz - Director: Environmental Education

 André Britz obtained a HED (Agriculture) from the University of Stellenbosch 1983, with Agriculture and Life Sciences as main subjects. He has been practicing livestock farming since 1986, and has been instrumental in implementing a conservation approach to farming in the Vanwyksdorp area. Throughout the years he has made his farm available for Environmental Education events with a wide range of audiences including local landowners, farmworkers, natural history interest groups, national and international scientist groups, gap-year students and school children. He has been involved in mentorship and education on livestock farming, archaeology, geography, environmental protection, the physical planting of spekboom, as well as research with Elsenburg on veld density and diversity on his farm.

André has played a significant role in different schools in the region over the past few years as teacher, mentor, trainer, organiser and doer.

Following the successful implementation of various Environmental Education projects involving students and the Vanwyksdorp Primary School in particular, André was requested by the Board of Directors of the GCBR in 2014 to act in the Environmental Education portfolio as director. Since then he co-ordinated Environmental Education within the GCBR and invited Landmark Foundation to participate in an education program with GCBR.

This collaborative partnership forms part of Landmark Foundation’s Green Projects, which aims to establish “Green Clubs” at schools.The program will endeavour to achieve its outcomes by transferring skills, imparting knowledge, changing attitudes and instilling values. The focus is currently on the Vanwyksdorp Primary School as a pilot project with the focus on a botanical garden, waste recycling, food gardens and national days and events (e.g. Arbor Day). The aim is to roll this project out to neighbouring schools in the near future.

Environmental Education is part of the specific focus of the Man and Biosphere programme and is one of four core pillars to improve the lives of the people in the communities.


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