Daan Toerien

Director Entrepreneurial and Economic Development

A career spent as scientist, academic and business man was followed by a ‘retirement career’ researching the enterprise structures and dynamics of South African towns. This has led to involvement in the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve and responsibility on its Board for the economic development and entrepreneurship portfolio.

Economic development and entrepreneurship

 Sustainable development is one of pillars of biosphere reserves. To develop the concept of sustainable development it isnecessary to know what is already there. Therefore,  a survey was initiated to quantify the enterprises of the 16 towns within the GCBR. The entrepreneurial results have been analyzed together wih selected demograhic and economic data to develop a picture of the enterprise structures and dynamics of GCBR towns. The results are being incorporated into a special report and will provide a sound basis from which ideas about sustainable development can be taken forward.

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