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Pledge your support for the GCBR by purchasing some of the products listed below. They make wonderful gifts for family and friends.   

#Spekkies are spekboom cuttings planted in biodegradeable pots. Read more about this amazing product here

Prices (postage/delivery excluded):

Spekkie ball (Spekkie in hessian bag) = R15 per plant

Spekkie small (Spekkie in small compot) = R20 

Spekkie medium (Spekkie in medium compot) = R40

Spekkie large (Spekkie in large plastic bag) = R60 per plant

The film 'It's everybody's business' was written and produced by Neil Curry, an international award-winning environmental film producer.

This outstanding film tells the story of the GCBR, which is a community-based initiative that aims to protect and restore the natural environment of the Gouritz area while at the same time encouraging the continued healthy growth of the local economy. There is a specific focus on the importance of water and its conservation in the region.  


R120 per DVD (postage excluded)

The Wonderbag is a pumpkin-shaped bag made of cloth and stuffed with foam. Food is brought to the boil before the pot is placed inside the bag and closed tightly. The heat-retention properties of the foam allow the food to carry on cooking for several hours.

Wonderbags save money, cooking fuel and carbon emissions, and enable women to use their time for things other than collecting fuel and keeping an eye on pots. 

Read more here.


R300 per Wonderbag (postage excluded)


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