War on Leaks

 The “War on Leaks” project seeks to reduce preventable water losses and waste resulting from leaky taps in township households around Oudtshoorn. It also raises awareness at household level about the connection between water stress and climate change. A strong partnership is in place between the GCBR, CapeNature and Oudtshoorn Municipality. Local youth have been trained to conduct an audit of the water points and leaks. To date a total of 212 households’ leaky taps, toilets and broken pipes have been repaired. Water meters are read during visits to houses and a subsequent audit is done to ascertain whether water usage and water bills have decreased and the fixed leaks are still fixed. Three workshops have taken place, attended by 120 people to raise awareness regarding the importance of water conservation. This work will now continue at the Ou lokasie ward 7 with funding from a new Table Mountain Fund grant.

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